When should I start mowing my lawn in spring?

When should I mow my lawn after winter?

Not sure when to start mowing your lawn again in springtime? Well, depending on whereabouts you live in the UK, the end of March is probably the best time to start mowing your lawn again.

If you live in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands you’ll be at least a fortnight behind when it comes to firing up the lawn mower once more. However, if you’re lucky enough to live on the south coast of England then start thinking about mowing once more around the time the clocks go forward (which coincidentally will afford you more time to mow in the evenings when you get home from work!).

Mowing the Lawn in Springtime

Mowing the lawn in springtime

As frosts tend to dissipate at the end of March, your grass will being to grow once more, as you’ve probably not shorn the lawn since October, put the blade on the highest setting, don’t go low straight away – the ground is likely to be quite moist too, mowing at a moderate length will inevitably help to dry out the lawn and allow lower cuts in the coming weeks.

TIP: easier to do at the start of the mowing season, spend some time sharpening the blades of the mower to avoid ‘pulling’ the grass, this can do lasting damage and leave the grass with a brown looking tip.

Mow roughly every 10 days through the summer months

Aim to mow every 10 days in the height of summer…

Throughout May, June, July, August and September depending on that crucial combination of rainfall and sunshine, a lawn will probably need to be cut every 10 days to 2 weeks. Look out for browny tinges as drought conditions can set in and kill off the grass. Little children using areas of the garden (the bottom of a slide or football goalposts will need particular care). Try moving these playful obstacles regularly to give the lawn time to recover.


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