Dog Proofing Your Garden Tips

Tips on dog proofing your garden

When you first bring your dog home you might think that you have done all you can to make your garden dog proof. However, we recommend taking a look at our tips just to make sure you have everything covered.

dog proofing your garden with a gate

Shut your garden gates

This is probably the most common way that a dog escapes from a garden. Its easily done, you think you shut the gate properly, but 2 seconds later the dog has spotted an opportunity and has ran out of the garden. We recommend adding a simple lock to the gate, one with a code on it so that you aren’t always looking for the key and one that friends and family can have access to if needed. Don’t forget to check that there’s not a gap big enough that your puppy can squeeze through underneath. If you get a lot of deliveries, maybe add a post box at the end of the drive so there is no chance the postman can leave it open.

Adequate dog fencing  

Any fence to stop your dog jumping out should be at least 6ft; this should stop most medium size breeds such as spaniels, cockerpoos, border collies and even larger bigger dogs such as Labradors.

Make sure the fence isn’t going to blow down in the wind and is secure all the way around. This means check that your dog cant dig underneath to get out.

dog fencing for garden

If your fence is a chain link fence make sure that no gaps are big enough for your dog to sneak through, or that they cant use the fence to climb up and out.

If the fence is a wooden one, make sure it has not been treated with any chemicals that are harmful to dogs.

Limit what your dog can see

 All dogs are different, but some are more prone to being distracted by small animals, or barking at anything that passes by outside. This is why we recommend you install solid fencing to limit what they can see. This should help control their barking, which in turn, will help your neighbours who might complain about a barking dog.

 Don’t grow thorny plants

There are certain plants that are toxic to dogs but as well as that there are also thorny and spikey plants to consider. These could get stuck in your dogs fur, paws or injure the dogs eyes.

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