The Benefits of Space Saving Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Should I Buy a Roller Shutter Garage Door?

According to research the average value of the contents of a residential garage is £4000 (excluding the car). As such they can prove rich pickings for criminals trying to make easy money and are often targeted in the hours of darkness for this very reason. With this in mind it is critical that the garage door is as secure as possible to prevent your belongings from going walkabout.

It is therefore recommended that any property that has an old garage door getting to the end of its life should be replaced with a more secure modern alternative such as a vertical lift roller shutter garage door as these are not only highly secure but will also offer many other benefits to the homeowner (which will be examined below).

First of all we will take a look at some of the possible alternatives and examine their main problems in terms of design, security and user convenience.

Up & Over Doors

For the homeowner working to a budget a one piece up and over door will provide a low to medium level of security without having to spend thousands of pounds however due to the limited benefits they offer to the homeowner when compared to other designs they are starting to become less popular.

Side Hinged Doors

Swinging outwards from the garage a pair of side hinged doors require space on the driveway to be opened. This design can often pose problems for owners of new build properties as the drive is generally short which in turn leads to access issues when vehicles are parked.

Sectional Garage Doors

Whilst this type of garage door offers some of the benefits of a roller door (such as vertical lift operation and high levels of security) they are priced at the top end of the spectrum and as a result are often out of the reach of the average homeowner due to the cost.

So now we have taken a quick look at some of the more traditional designs homeowners choose to install into their garage we can make a comparison against the space saving roller shutter garage door.

Roller Garage Doors

In comparison to the previously mentioned designs that all have their inherent drawbacks a high quality roller door (available from any leading UK manufacturer) really does offer everything a homeowner could require in terms of usability, affordability, security and aesthetic appeal.


Here we look at the main benefits.

Space Saving Design: Unlike a traditional set of garage doors that must either swing out or retract back inside the garage as they are opened the simple yet extremely effective design of a roller door sees the curtain coil into a neat and compact shutter hood located inside the garage (usually above and behind the lintel). Due to this rolling design additional space inside the garage is created which allows for extra storage (something that we could all benefit from). In addition to this, as the curtain rises vertically it is possible to park a vehicle right up to the door without running the risk of having access issues (something that can be a real problem with other garage door designs especially if the driveway is short or a number of cars need to fit on).

Energy Efficient: Manufactured from a double skin of aluminium with expanded insulation within the core a roller shutter garage door can help the home to become more energy efficient by restricting the amount of heat escaping out of the opening and preventing cold air from entering. This is especially useful for homes with attached garages or where the building is used as a workshop as the temperature is easier to regulate.

Highly Secure: Designed with minimal amounts of weak points a garage roller door offers excellent levels of defence against criminals trying to gain access to your valuables. With automatic locking, reinforced bottom rail and all the vulnerable parts within the garage (away from prying hands) they provide peace of mind your home and vehicle are well protected.

Ease of Operation: Unlike a heavy up and over design a space saving roller garage door can be operated with just one hand. This is because the inside of the barrel has a spring shaft which takes the weight of the curtain as it rises and falls within the opening.

Affordability: In recent years the price of a roller garage door has reduced by a significant amount. As such they are now available at a similar price to a good quality up and over door however will far outweigh that design in terms of user benefits and security making them excellent value for money.

To conclude, if you are serious about protecting the contents of your garage it is strongly advisable to replace an old door with a modern design as they will provide a far higher level of protection against theft whilst providing many convenient user benefits.


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