Simple Ideas to Help Sell your Home

If you are looking to sell your home, then it is important that you think this through properly and prepare in advance to make sure that you do not lose out on money.  Sometimes people are looking for quick sales however if you can hold off and do a bit of work in advance it can prove to be very rewarding in terms of cash.  There are a few things that you can do in order to help sell your home efficiently and at the right price.

Home Report

Both the interior and the exterior of your home should be in good working order in order to get the best valuation for your home.  In terms of the home report, the team will look at a number of factors which include not only the structural elements but also the quality of the workmanship.  This will include things like wallpaper, carpets and tiles.  If this is all worn and shabby, it will come out in the home report as such and will directly affect the property value.   You should look at these sort of things in advance to make sure that there isn’t some simple activities that you could complete in advance in order to help with the home valuation.

Interior Improvements

Before actually putting your home on the market you could look to complete some mini projects on home improvements that would directly affect the valuation but also the buyers perception of your home.  These can include simple activities like painting and decorating or you convert some of your interior fittings – for example, purchase some oak doors for your home.

interior furnishings

These simple changes to make the home look fresh will make it more sellable.  You do not need to go drastic on this and look at the simple things that you would want to see if you were purchasing a home.  Think about this through the buyers eyes.

Estate Agent

There are many estate agents out there that are more than happy to try and sell your home quickly.   The problem you have here is that there are so many different variations as to what they offer in terms of sales, marketing and support.  Ultimately you are looking for a cost effective service that offers you the full package from home report to the sale of your home in totality and for them to manage everything in-between.  This will include things such as actually advertising your property.  Now, you really want to go above and beyond placing a “For Sale” sign outside your house and you should be looking at getting the property online on websites with the professional photographs and commentary supporting this.  You can even pay more on advertising in order to get your property at the centre of these sites.  Make sure that you therefore do not just go out and take on the cheapest agency to support this activity on your behalf and you look at the bigger picture to make sure that you are getting the full package that gives you the best chance to sell your home.

Speedy Sale Considerations

If you are looking for a quick sale then there are several options that you can look at but you need to appreciate that these are likely to not give you the best value for money.  One of the options is around asking an estate agent (or similar to buy the home).  Generally these companies would purchase your home for around 10% – 20% less than the market value and look to then sell it on quickly for a profit.   The biggest advantage of this is more around the speed – this process can be fully completed generally within a few weeks.  Another consideration for a quick sale could be an auction.  Here you would get people out to visit the property on a defined day and there would then be an auction where people would bid for the home.  You would normally find that institutes such as banks who possess a home would use this method and not homeowners.  The biggest reason for this is that although it would be a quick process, the sale of the house value generally falls way under the estimated market value.



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