Perfect Excuses to Get Outside and Enjoy Your Garden

Most spend their entire week at work sometimes just cooped up in the office. The weekends are sought after and cherished as a relaxing escape from the rat race. Since running errands isn’t how you want to spend your weekend, you can instead try to do something constructive in your backyard.

If shopping for groceries was going to be the highlight of your weekend and you would rather be out on your deck relaxing, there are ways to make that happen. Merely propose new outside projects to your better half or say you want to play with the kids in the backyard.

Spending a day out in the backyard with your family certainly beats getting stuck in traffic doing unimportant errands anyway. One project could be learning how to clean your deck properly, so you can spend more time basking on it in the sun, soaking up some vitamin c and at the same time appreciating your garden in your backyard.

Your backyard deck or patio plus your lawn and garden is the centre for outdoor activities for your family. Sitting in your favourite chair sipping a sweet cold beverage can make a week’s worth of stress just melt away.

In case you need a better excuse to for quality time with Apollo(the sun god), here are some of the best reasons to get outside and enjoy your garden.

Nature and Gardening talk

Kids these days get stuck playing games on their phones, Android tablets or apple ipads. Playing video games can boost cognitive function among children, but too much video games or youtube videos can have a detrimental effect on their development.

To avoid this happening, it is best to teach children at an early age the joy of connecting with nature. Showing them how to plant flowers, fruits or vegetables is a great place to start.

Have them plant a tree somewhere in your backyard and take a picture of them doing that. Make them understand that it is their tree and that they need to take care of it. As they grow up, they will feel connected to that tree as it grows throughout the years.

Do the same thing with the vegetables, herbs and even flowers that you grow in your backyard. Talk to them about the process of photosynthesis and how plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. Explain to them how this process is vital for everyone’s breathable air.

If your family produces compost at home, you can also show them how to make compost and use it. Have them use their hands in the earth and plant something that will allow them to be more eco-friendly as they grow up.

Harvest time

In case you do grow some herbs or vegetables or perhaps some fruit, you can take the weekend to gather everything that is ready to be consumed. If ever you have some flowers that you want to pick to bring inside and use as a table centrepiece now would be the best time for that.

Grab a basket or empty bucket and inspect your garden. Check if there is anything that is ready to be part of a family meal. Carefully pick your harvest and lay them in the basket. Give your garden a good once over then bring the basket inside. Wash your harvest clean and put in the fridge.

Set up a Bird feeder or Birdbath

This is a great idea to attract native or even migrant birds to nest near your home. Perfect if you ever get into bird watching, this will allow you a close-up view of different species of birds. You will get all sorts of air traffic from all the birds that want some free bird seed.

Setting up a bird bath is also another great way for your family to observe wild birds up close. Other than the all the colorful butterflies that visit your flowers, you will have a wide variety of flying visitors.

If you are really into birds, you can even build or install a birdhouse on one of the trees in your yard. This will allow friendly birds to take up permanent residence in your yard. If you are lucky and provide the right conditions, maybe a bird of prey decides to move which in turn will make sure no vermin bother your family.

Play with the kids

Physically playing games with your children is a great way to strengthen family bonds and create beautiful memories. Taking half an hour to play catch with junior and talk about school or anything under the sun is a lovely way to catch up.

Other than tossing a ball around you can certainly play traditional games with your kids. Maybe tag or hide and seek would be fun. For a more modern theme, you can use super soakers to play with your kids. In case you don’t like to get too sweaty you can play board games on your patio or deck.

You’re able to spend time outdoors breathing in fresh air and soaking up some sun while playing with the family.

Photo Op

Creating cherished memories with the ones we love is something we all aspire to do. However our minds do sometimes forget things, memories fade, and if there is no reminder, it is possible just to have hazy recollections.

That is why it is best always to take pictures of treasured moments with family. Yes taking pictures of everyone having fun on the backyard deck, patio or garden is one of those ways to reinforce beautiful memories.

All you need to do is look at a photo of that particular moment in time, and it will take you there. Our smartphones are equipped with high-resolution cameras, so make use of it. Take a picture of everything that matters to you and upload it to a photobucket account, save it to your laptop, or get it printed.

Take pictures of your prized garden, the colourful flowers in full bloom or the herbs that you grow. Don’t forget to take snapshots of all the different animals and birds that visit your backyard too.

Pets in the garden

If all else fails, you can always call on your family pet for help. Taking the dog out back to play, is an exercise the whole family can enjoy. Playing fetch with the family dog and just having fun is one of the best excuses to spend some time in your garden.

Again, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and videos of the whole family having fun with the family pet.


There are just too many reasons to go outside and enjoy the outdoors in your magnificent garden.

Teaching family members about nature and even how to work with the earth and grow beautiful living things is a perfect reason always to visit your garden.

Taking awesome photos of your beautiful garden, the stunning flowers, plants, trees and together with your wonderful family. Which, should certainly be done as often as possible.

Redecorating your garden would be a one of the top reasons to go outside and reimagine everything.

Don’t limit yourself to needing a reason to go outside and enjoy your garden or deck. Just do it. If you do need to give a reason, then choose any of the above and feel free to use your imagination as well.

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