Making The Most Out Of Your Garden With An Oak Framed Orangery

Oak Framed Orangery Lowdown…

If you have garden space that you just aren’t using for anything in particular and want it to fulfil some kind of useful purpose, you should consider investing in an oak framed orangery. They are very similar to conservatories, in that they are extensions built onto existing houses that form a bridging gap between the garden and the home.  Though, as they were originally designed specifically to grow oranges in while providing a relaxing place in nature, they are slightly different in construction to ordinary conservatories.


It Brings The Outside In

If you love the outdoors and don’t get quite as much time as you’d like in the fresh air the glass windows of an oak frame orangery can help you feel closer to nature.  The glazed windows give you a stunning view of your garden.

It Adds Value To Your Home

It is thought by many real estate and property market experts that the addition of an oak frame orangery could add around 7% value to your home.  The addition to your property of an orangery could also help you to find more prospective buyers. This is ideal if you have tried to sell your home in the past but have not had any takers, as there are many people out there looking for a house with an extension like an orangery already attached.

It Can Fulfil Versatile Uses

Although the intention of building an orangery in the past was to have a place to grow oranges, you do not have to use yours for this purpose. If you are just looking for an interesting place to sit and relax and enjoy the weather, an orangery is fine for this purpose. In a similar way, if you are looking to use your extension as a great place to socialise and entertain guests such as relatives and friends, then an orangery will also do the job.

With the right accessories and furnishings you could have an orangery that is suitable for use as any of the following

•    Home gym

•    Playroom

•    Home office

•    Dining area

•    Lounge and family room

Better Access To Your Garden

As we have highlighted further up the page, extensions like conservatories and orangeries are great for bridging the gap between home and garden. With this in mind, there are a number of options you can decide on with regards to doors to improve the access to your garden from your house.

You Normally Don’t Need Planning Permission

The interesting thing about orangeries compared to other kinds of extensions is that you may not actually need to apply for planning permission to have one built onto your property.  There are many orangeries that are categorised as ‘permitted developments’.  This essentially means that they don’t require any planning permission for them to be built.  Which in turn means you do not have to wait around for red tape to be cut and formalities to be followed.

It is worth noting though that in order for an orangery to be considered ‘permitted development’ it has to meet a specific strict list of criteria including:

•    Must not have eaves that are higher 3 metres if it is 2 metres within a structural boundary

•    Must be less than half the width of your home

•    Must not have any elevated platforms, balconies or verandas

•    Must not be higher than 4 metres

•    Must not be bigger than or cover more than 50% of your home.

You Could Use It For Its Intended Purpose

Although they are versatile enough that they don’t have to be used to grow oranges, you could actually use it for this purpose.  If you love fresh citrus fruit drinks, or just love peeling and eating segment by segment of a delicious orange – what could be better than stepping out of your own home and into your purpose-made extension that houses some glorious orange trees?  Perfect for making summertime drinks at parties and BBQs.  It would also become a talking point for guests.

As you can see there are many great reasons for choosing to extend your home with an oak frame extension.  Not only does it help give you a place to possibly grow plants and flowers, but a place to entertain guests, study or work away from the noise of the main house or enjoy the outside without being fully outside; but it is a much better use all round of garden space that may have just been used for lawn.

When there is lawn, there is a need for a mower. Using that lawn space for your orangery means you could retire the lawnmower for good.

Whatever your reason for choosing to invest in an orangery, an oak frame orangery is a great choice, as oak is a sturdy and robust wood that will stand the test of time and changing weather conditions.

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