Improve the Marketability of Hydroponically Grown Vegetables with LED Lights

Hydroponics has been a preferred method of growing for many people, both commercial and domestic, for many years, and presents an ideal opportunity to create an indoor grow room that will yield satisfactory results. One of the most difficult aspects of running a grow room for vegetables is getting the light and heat right; you may be using conventional grow lamps – many use Metal Halide and HPS bulbs to great effect – but we can show you a better, more efficient and cost-effective method of lighting: this is the Light Emitting Diode, or LED.

What is LED?

You may remember LED as the source of display for your first calculator, or the early digital watches that were once all the rage. This is a long way from the current breed of LED, which is an advanced source of light with many practical uses. LED lights are used in the home as room lighting, in a range of electrical equipment, in televisions and on cars. In fact, they are becoming more widespread over time as they provide a method of gaining light at surprisingly low cost.

The inherent energy efficiency of LED lends itself perfectly to use in the growing industry. This explains the increasing popularity in using LED Grow Lights over more conventional and thus-far preferred light sources. They are available in many forms, sizes and power levels, so there is certain to be a model that will suit your needs. There are many benefits of using LED grow lights for vegetables and hydroponics, so let’s have a closer look at what you get when you choose to go down this route.

Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights

We mentioned above that LED is an energy efficient method of lighting a grow room; there are many reasons why this should be so. First, the LEDs can be controlled to target specific wavelengths of light, something that was never possible before with traditional lights. This means that you get to light your plants perfectly at all times, thus improving yield and quality. Less waste and better plants means improving the quality of plants grown under LED Grow lights.

In fact, using traditional HID lights is surprisingly wasteful; an LED light can save you 50-60% on electrical consumption thanks to its far superior energy efficiency. You will find it pays for itself in no time at all, and that there is no need for expensive air conditioning and ballasts as required with more conventional methods.

The Best LED Grow Lights for Vegetables

Finding the best grow lights for vegetables is about tailoring your light to the product you are growing. The extensive range of G8LED Grow Lights are among the most advanced of their kind. Highly efficient, and developed over many years, these lights come in a full range of sizes and power levels. This allows you to find the model and wattage that is ideal for your grow room.

For achieving the best yields in hydroponically grown vegetables, while reducing power consumption, there is no doubt that G8LED lights are the way to go. This is the choice for many professional growers, who are discovering that they can save money and run efficient and effective indoor grow rooms with LED technology.






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