Easy tips for Creating a Beautiful Scandinavian Interior Style

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If you’re thinking about renovating and you’re looking for something that is simple yet functional, Scandinavian interior style might be the answer you’ve been searching for. The core theme of the Scandinavian design is the idea that beautiful and functional furniture should be affordable to anyone, and not just the wealthy. It’s a design movement emerged in the ‘50s, characterised ed by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Now that we got you interested, here are a few easy tips for decorating your home just like Scandinavian people do.

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Reduce your colour palette

The first rule of Scandinavian interior design says no bright, vivid colours, except in the accessories section. For walls, floors and large pieces of furniture neutral shades work best. Think white first, then beige, grey and all shades on the so-called greige scale. If this feels too cold for you, you can always opt for pastels – soft shades of blue, green, and pink complement shades of gray perfectly, so consider combining these two when decorating your home in Scandinavian style.

Keep it raw

A Scandinavian modern house somewhat resembles a cabin in the woods so wall-to-wall carpeting never really took off in the cold north. It’s all about naked, hardwood floors whose natural colours complement the neutral colour palette magnificently.

scandinavian colour palette

Not only are those floors stylish, but they are also easy to maintain. Besides, you can customize them any way you want by adding rugs with various prints. Opt for one of those trendy, yet cheap modern rugs to fit your style and you’ll be able to give any room in your home a nice final touch.

Go metallic

Besides wood, Scandinavians adore another natural material in their home – metal. Copper or silver accessories match perfectly with cool, neutral colours of the walls and furniture and can make any room appear spacious and airy. Opt for door handles, vases, lamps, or picture frames made of metal and decorate your house with it. Scandinavians live by the rule cool is the new warm, but it’s important not to go overboard with metal details if you want to avoid creating an atmosphere that is too sterile.


Remove the clutter

Scandinavian interior design means minimalism and simplicity which is connected to the trend of decluttering. Clean your home, make some space and always have in mind that less is more. Nordic people are quite pragmatic so it’s not in their nature to keep things they don’t need. If you do have a lot of stuff you can’t get rid of, try storing them in decorative boxes or on shelves. Your living room or bedroom will look tidier but it’ll also appear bigger once it’s decluttered.

Think straight

Scandinavian home décor is all about clean forms and straight lines so choose your furniture and accessories accordingly. This doesn’t mean you have to buy only the modern furniture. As a matter of fact, in northern interior design movement, there’s no need to steer away from the antique and vintage furniture, as long as it fits the overall idea of simple and clean design. Furthermore, this simplicity contributes to the functionality and enables you to arrange your furniture without occupying too much space.


Use light as an accessory

In Scandinavian home décor, light is not just a necessity, it’s an element of home interior design. Large windows, glass doors, or even glass walls are a must, but artificial lighting has a major role, too. The trick is in finding the perfect balance in the mixture of overhead and focused lighting for the most natural ambiance in your home. In addition, you should always opt for lights that have a warm Kelvin temperature, somewhere between 2000K and 3000K.

If you want your home to be airy and elegant, going with the Scandinavian design is a must. Tone down your colours, clean your space and choose the furniture carefully. Soon, your home will get that cool and tidy, yet cosy and welcoming, atmosphere you always wanted.


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