How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space can be a great way to expand the living areas of your home. Whether it’s just for relaxing and reading a book, or to host parties or gatherings with friends, creating a homely and comfortable outdoor area is essential. During the summer months it can be great to have somewhere to enjoy the sun without the hustle and bustle of beaches or public areas. There are a few ways to make your outdoor space more attractive; here a few areas to consider and tips to help you out.

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Decking is a brilliant solution for outdoor spaces, as it not only transforms the look of any garden, but it’s also great for creating separate and dedicated seating areas. Installing decking can help to avoid covering your favourite shoes in mud, whilst also making your garden look very stylish. With lots of customisable options such as steps, handrails and lighting installations, it can really change the look of a garden and make it a more welcoming sight. Composite decking is probably the best type of decking around, as it is available in a variety of styles and finishes and is very low maintenance. In the past, decking often got slippery when it rained, but composite decking has anti-slip protection and is unlikely to splinter.


Composite decking is comprised of recycled wood and polymers, making it very strong and durable. The design also resembles a wood finish as opposed to plastic decking boards that can bend. It’s also a better choice than traditional wood decking that can be susceptible to warping and rotting. If you choose to add decking to your garden, composite usually provides the best value for money. Take a look at TimberTech’s range as they offer a 25 year warranty so you’re sure to get high quality from them.

When looking to shape your garden into an outdoor living space, good seating is paramount. Adding seating to your garden doesn’t need to be expensive, and although you can purchase garden seating, you may wish to build it yourself. Building your own seating can add a bespoke look and save you money, and home built seating is generally better crafted than most commercially available garden seats. Look online for inspiration; there are some incredibly simple designs using up-cycled materials that look fantastic.

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If you’re not the crafty type and are on a budget, a simple and effective seat can be made by placing cushions on wooden pallets, which are usually available for free. Ask around your local shops as they may have some they wish to get rid of.

Although lazing in the sun is a great way to relax, the fun does not need to stop when the sun goes down. Ensuring you have sufficient lighting for your outdoor space can allow you to enjoy summer evenings without having to go inside. There are many ways of incorporating light into your garden and most are fairly inexpensive. Solar lights that can be placed in the ground can often be picked up for less than £3.00 each. Another idea is to hang outdoor fairy lights, which can give off a surprising amount of light.

Outdoor fairy lights


Adding light to your garden can also completely transform the look, and depending on the placement of the lighting, you can create some wonderful imagery with just lights alone. Light can be used to highlight areas of the garden, trees or plants, which can look very beautiful.

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Whatever you choose to do to make your garden a better place, composite decking is one of the best solutions when creating a separate seating area. Adding seating and lights to this can really make a difference and provide you with the perfect outdoor living space for relaxing or entertaining guests.

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