Best Firepits for My Garden 2021

Best for Groups

VOUNOT Fire Pit Table

The VOUNOT Fire Pit Table is ideal for socialising on summer nights. It’s a little larger, with dimensions of 81cm x 81cm x 36cm (LxWxH), making it perfect for group gatherings and family barbecues. The wide, flat sides are convenient for placing a cold drink while the sausages are sizzling, but you can also use the product solely as a fire pit or even an ice bucket on warmer days. When using as a grill or fire pit, it’s worth keeping in mind where you place the product to prevent damage to the surface underneath.

In terms of durability, with this product it’s all in the details. The tabletop has an anti-scalding coating, whilst the metal material is resistant to high temperatures and rust, meaning that you can use the product as often as you like without fear of wear and tear. Some customers found it difficult to assemble the product, but VOUNOT recommend that you only tighten the screws after the assembly is completed rather than as you build, which should prevent any issues.

Both coal and firewood can be used as fuel for this fire pit, and you’ll get a bunch of handy accessories included, such as a barbecue grill, a poker, a mesh lid and a protective cover, which we think makes the price more than worth it.

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  • Multi-use
  • Anti-scalding coating
  • Rust-resistant metal
  • Wide sides for placing food and drink
  • Comes with mesh lid and protective cover
  • Some customers had difficulty assembling

Chiminea Pick

FireVida Chiminea

You can burn wood, charcoal or fire briquettes in this fire pit, which, in a matter of moments will transform your patio into an ambient setting perfect for romantic dinners, quality family time or even soaking up the peace and quiet by yourself. Some customers did point out that the chiminea can give off quite a lot of smoke due to the open sides, but you can always use special smokeless briquettes if this is a particular concern.

With a width of 38cm and a height of 89cm, this handy little chiminea is ideal for smaller spaces if you don’t want anything too big, whilst still giving off the warmth that a regular fire pit would. The product comes with a fire bowl, a rain cap lid, a charcoal grate, a spark guard and a poker, so you can enjoy use of your chiminea safely.

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  • Traditional chiminea appearance
  • Made from sturdy alloy steel
  • Small and compact
  • Comes with accessories including spark guard
  • No BBQ grill feature
  • Open sides may cause more smoke than other pits

Manoeuvrable Option


The Bargains-Galore Square Fire Pit is situated at more of a medium price point, ideal for if you’re looking for a stylish patio heater without breaking the bank. The heater uses both coal and wood for fuel depending on your preference, and it can be used either as a grill for summer barbecues or a cosy fire pit for those cooler evenings when you’re not quite ready to come inside.

With dimensions of 45cm x 45cm x 34cm (LxWxH), this fire pit is small and compact, so you won’t need to rearrange your entire patio to make room for it. It features a modern, square-shaped design made from a solid, durable steel, and it comes with a mesh safety lid to prevent embers from drifting across your garden. It’s also worth taking caution with where you place the pit, for example if using on decking then you may need to place a fireboard or bricks underneath to prevent heat damage. Some customers did point out possible signs of rusting when the product was left out, so we recommend storing it indoors when it’s out of use – thanks to its compact design, it’s extremely easy to manoeuvre!

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  • Solid Steel
  • Modern Design
  • Small and compact
  • Multi-use (fire pit and grill)
  • Comes with mesh lid safety lid
  • May show signs of rusting if left outside

East to Store Option

FireVida – Steel Folding Fire Pit

With a sleek, lightweight design and collapsible legs, the Fire Vida Fire Pit is ideal for all kinds of occasions, from campsite cooking to backyard barbecuing. It’s not just about aesthetics, either, because with dimensions of 51cm x 54cm x 37cm (LxWxH) and an oval shape that emits warmth evenly, this fire pit is the perfect size to do the job whilst still being small enough to store away easily.

You can rustle up your favourite grilled dishes, toast marshmallows or simply bask in its ambient glow on cool nights, and then fold up the legs when you’re done for easy portability and storage. The legs also act as a safety feature, elevating the pit to eliminate heat damage to grass or the surface below. Some customers did point out that due to the fire pit’s compact size, the waist-height can be uncomfortable if standing over the pit to cook, as well as being a possible hazard to any pets or little ones who might be hanging around. The product does come with a mesh cover to prevent large sparks, but if you’re huddled around the fire with the kids then we recommend taking necessary precautions.

Fire Vida Fire Pit

The fire pit can comfortably house charcoal, solid fuels and wooden logs, and it comes with a charcoal grate, a cooking grill and a poker, so wherever you choose to use the product, you can do so safely. What’s more, the sturdy and durable steel is easy to maintain, and once cool the pit is light enough to lift and empty the ash residue. For such an affordable price, what more could you ask for?

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  • Foldable legs for portability
  • Compact size
  • Durable steel
  • Comes with mesh safety cover
  • Affordable
  • Height could be uncomfortable when standing, hazard for pets/children

Multi Purpose Pick

DAWOO Fire Pit with BBQ Grill

Looking for a pretty garden table? A fire pit to huddle around? A barbecue to cook family dinners on in summer? Combining all three into one nifty product, the DAWOO Fire Pit with BBQ Grill might just be your holy grail. Not only is the barbecue perfect for making delicious grilled food, but it’s a great centrepiece for your patio, too. The stylish mosaic design is enough to brighten up any garden, and the handy lid slots on top, concealing the pit beneath, so that you can get full use of the table when the grill is out of use.

With a diameter of 70cm and a height of 58cm, this fire pit is large enough to give off substantial heat but still light enough to manoeuvre as needed. It’s compatible with most standard fuel types, including charcoal, fruit charcoal and firewood, so you can choose based on what the pit is being used for. Some customers mentioned that the gaps in the grill rack were a little large and might not be ideal for food such as sausages, but you can always use a foil barbecue tray if this is a concern.

firepit with griddle

This product is a little on the pricey side, but it does come with a poker tool, a charcoal rack, a barbecue rack, barbecue tongs, a safety mesh cover to prevent large sparks and a waterproof protective cover, so you don’t need to worry about buying any extra equipment. The fire pit is also made of extremely durable materials, featuring ceramic mosaic tiles and a sturdy fire bowl with a special coating to prevent rusting. With a wipeable surface and a handy design allowing ash to be easily emptied after use, this 3 in 1 fire pit truly is a joy to use from start to finish.

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  • Multi-use
  • Stylish mosaic design
  • Coated fire bowl to prevent rusting
  • Comes with utensils, mesh cover and waterproof cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Pricey
  • Gaps in grill rack may be a little wide for certain foods

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