Kids Shelves – Awesome Shelving Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

Kids Shelving Units

As with everything else, when you want to teach your kids to be well-organised, neat and tidy, you need to help them along the way. Any kids’ room is a treasure trove of toys, books, clothes, and games, and each item needs its own storage space. While kids clothes go into the closet, crayons into drawers, balls, and board games into storage boxes, books, and toys should be displayed. Adding some creative shelf designs into the kids’ room, you will not only make sure the room is clutter free, but will also make a great effect on the overall design.

Tree of Books

Being a kid means you have a lot of great children’s books lying around, but all those stacks of great stories need to have their place in the room. The perfect solution to this is the amazing tree design bookshelf. Who says books need to be lined in a row?

A tree of books – amazing idea!

With this great shelf design, you will breathe a little bit of nature into their indoor playground.

Lego Shelf

Lego’s are building blocks of any childhood, but it is hard not stepping on one when they are all over the floor. Combining your child’s love for Lego’s, and an imaginative shelf design, your feet will finally be safe.

Amazing Lego Shelf for Kids Bedroom

Choose any type of shelf design, and just add some Lego plates (with glue, screws, or nails) to the top. Another, more rewarding way is to create a shelf made entirely out of Lego’s. Whatever your choice, you can include your children on this project, so they have a new field on which houses, castles, and space ships will be built, and be played with.

Puzzle Shelves

Puzzling as it may be, puzzles are great fun, and a tricky mind game. What is not that complicated, but still fun, are puzzle shelves. Made as a single shelf, that fits onto the next, to create colorful way of storing toys, books, clothes, and yes, even puzzles.

jigsaw style bookshelf

Jigsaw style bookshelf – brilliant!

If you go for this option, be sure to frame some of completed puzzles, or paint the walls in a puzzle pattern to get the most out of the design. These shelves are also easy to assemble, so kids can be their own interior designer, and arrange this bit of furniture as they please.

Themed Display Case

Kids are usually proud of their toys, especially collectables. Whatever your child’s toy collection is, it is also the perfect excuse to make a themed display case.

action figures shelf

It will add a personal touch to the overall themed design, and show off their most cherished belongings. Synchronize the feel of the shelves with the theme of their collection, by adding a frame. This will allow you to paint some graphics, logos, and even pictures from the cartoons, comics, or films, the toys are based on. You can even add smaller, colored led lights to make the toys really pop.

The Simplest DIY Shelf Design

Little money can go a long way, and still intend to keep the kids’ room clutter free. Roll up your sleeves, and get to work creating simple, yet effective DIY shelves. You don’t need to be a master carpenter to change old crates into colorful shelves. Use sand paper to smooth any rough patches, and paint them over with bright colors that fit the kids’ room, and make sure they are firmly secured to the wall.

A Basic DIY Shelf

Whatever shelf design you end up choosing, just remember to consult your kids, use your creative ingenuity, and introduce some awesome shelving into your kids’ room. Knowing you can make a big splash, with the smallest detail, will add vibrancy to your children’s own little realm, and keep it neat and tidy forever after.



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