Anglers and Fishing Enthusiasts Dream Homes

The UK has lots of prime fishing spots. This is a fact and something that no-one would argue with. However, one of the downsides is that you inevitably must travel to get to the best spots. What’s more, you are not alone. This means you must navigate successfully around other people who are also trying to land those sweet catches at the same location.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid the crowds and the actual travelling side of fishing? There is a way you can do both – buying a property that backs on to a body of water or is on private grounds that include a lake, river or canal. To allow you to dream and imagine the possibilities, we’ve highlighted some properties for sale up and down the country right now.

Blagdon Water, Holsworth, Devon

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This is not exactly a house or property now. However, it is a piece of land around 1/2 acre in size that has planning permission for a 2-bedroom holiday home. The best thing about this land is the fact that it includes exclusive access to fishing lake that is well-stocked with rainbow trout. What could be better than waking in the morning from a pleasant sleep in your holiday home to head out to the banks of your own lake and fish until your hearts content?

3 Bedroom Terraced House, Spring Lake, South Cerney, Gloucestershire

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This is an actual house, located in the excellent Watermark- monitored Spring Lake area of Gloucestershire. The 3-bedroom house is a comfortable and beautiful property. However, the thing that might tip the scales in its favour for many fishing enthusiasts is the fact that not only is it located close to the lake, with amazing views to the back of the property of the waterway, there’s decking access to it.

This means that you don’t even really have to leave your property, to setup your fishing gear and enjoy a relaxing time by the water waiting to see what you catch.

2 Bedroomed Terraced House, Canal-side, North Oxford

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How about a home that has exclusive access to canal mooring? That’s exactly what you get with this property for sale in North Oxford. The 2-bedroom house is generously spacious, and it wouldn’t be too hard for anyone with a small family or just a couple without kids finding this a comfortable place to live.

For the anglers out there though, the most curious part of this property is found in the rear garden. From the garden you have full access to a small mooring point on the gorgeous Oxford Canal. This would obviously open lots of fishing expedition opportunities.

Now obviously, the above properties may not be applicable for everyone, and could be completely out of your price range, but it’s nice to dream and imagine the possibilities don’t you think?

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