10 Amazing Sandpit Ideas for Children

Kids Sandpit Ideas for the Garden

Kids love nothing more than messy play and sandpits are always a hit. They suit the kids and the parents too because sandpits live outside! We’ve compiled some pretty inventive ideas that might inspire you to dig out the drill, find some old pallets, tyres or pieces of decking and create something magical for your little whippersnappers. Which one is your favourite?

A Sandpit made out of recycled pallets!

Sandpit made out of old pallets

A sandpit in tippee stylee!

sandpit under a teepee

A sandpit made from an old tractor tyre!

sandpit from an old tractor tyre


A sandpit with a lovely log surround!

sandpit with log border

A sandpit for a shady area!

sandpit for a shady area


A mobile sandpit on coaster wheels!

mobile sandpit on wheels

A sandpit integrated into the decking!

sandpit in the decking

A sandpit in the ivy!

sandpit in the ivy

A sandpit with a lid!

sandpit with a lid

Want to cheat and buy a ready made sandpit that just needs fitting together? Have a look on Amazon for kids sandpits here

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