Top tips on refurbishing your garden

Have a plan

It may seem like an obvious tip but never take for granted the importance of a plan. When it comes to refurbishing your garden, things can take longer than you expected. There are external variables to consider such as weather, roots and piping. If you are considering a big refurbishment, it is a good idea to hire a domestic landscaping company that can provide you with a detailed plan of the services you will require and the timescale this will take. This is a good option for those who are unsure of what style they would like to take in terms of their garden space.

Get Outdoor Furniture That Is Built for English Weather

It looks great but be aware of mosaic furniture. In the changes in temperature and unexpected rain and sun, it can be hard for mosaic furniture to survive and it may end up cracking. This could mean that you waste your money on garden furniture that doesn’t last.  Try searching for a furniture clearance that sells good quality outdoor furniture either new or second hand. Sometimes this type of store will sell hotel standard furniture to consumers at a great price, this means you can save money while getting furniture that can handle the great British weather.

 Invest in Good Quality Tiling

If you’re wanting to add stone flooring to your garden or replace existing tiling, do your research and invest in a good quality flooring company. Although some may seem expensive, you will save yourself money in the long run and give you a quality product from the start. Exterior flooring like limestone is perfect for garden areas and can give a charming, rustic style or clean look to any outside area. As limestone tiles are hard, they do not wear easily making them a perfect tiling for outside where they will face the brunt of changing weathers.

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds

The weed is an enemy of us all especially when you are trying to remodel your garden. It can seem tempting to dig up all of your shrubberies and replace it however this does not guarantee a weed free garden. It’s also important to completely check and new plants for any weeds that may be lurking there.  The next step is to use a professional grade weed killer. There’s no better time to invest in a professional weed killer than when you plan to redo your garden.  This will save you time, money and frustration later on.

Keep it Simple

If you’ve never remodeled a garden this tip is especially important. It can be all too easy to want to change everything and add in special and complicated features that you’ve seen on Pinterest but it’s important to keep it simple to begin with. There is always time as you go on to add extra plants to make it lively but to start, stick with one or two features you would like and build everything else around that. Less is more – and easier.

Have you got any tips on refurbishing your garden? Share your experiences!

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