Pigeons Are Not The Only Pests Need To Be Controlled

When people think of services that relate to pest removal in Bristol they tend to immediately think of pigeons. The humble pigeon is in fact synonymous with many parts of Bristol and it is perhaps understandable why this is the first image that is conjured up. However, there are many other pests that could need to be controlled or removed.


Unless you have direct experience of a particular insect, animal or bird it may be difficult to understand precisely why they are a pest. However, just a few hours of being subjected to an infestation or serious pest problem will soon have you changing your mind.

For example, rats are a common problem up and down the country. Despite what some people may believe they don’t just inhabit dirty environments, in fact, they will settle down anywhere that is remotely suitable for their needs. This means that if they can get in to your home, they will; or they will be just as happy setting up show in a warehouse, factory or office building. They really don’t care.

rats are pests

You soon will care though if you find that they have caused damage to your property and belongings, or have left a nasty smell as a result of their droppings.

In fact, it is often the damage caused by such pests that are the real problems. Birds (regardless of the species) usually have a corrosive element to their droppings, which in turn can damage property. Not to mention the fact that they carry a large number of diseases that can be threatening to human life (especially the young and elderly).

Equally, a bird that has taken up residence in your eaves or loft space will be quite noisy. Anyone who has lain awake at night listening to the scratching of a bird as it scurries around will know only too well what a hindrance they can be in a very short period of time.

Rely on the Experts

When it comes to any form of pest infestation it is always best to get in touch with the experts to find out how to deal with unwanted pests in your place of business and home. Different problems require different solutions, and occasionally it may be necessary to rely on slightly more high-tech options for dealing with them problems. For example, some firms have specialist equipment to help them be able to locate rat nests that may be in roof tops or under floor areas. This is far more effective than simply laying traps and effectively hoping for the best.

The important thing if you suspect you have a problem is try and get it dealt with sooner rather than later. You can then seek advice on how to prevent the incident occurring again.


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