How To Make Your Summer Garden Child-friendly

Kid Friendly Gardens

Making your garden child-friendly is a well worth investment when you look out in summer and see the joy on their little faces. It’s a great way of encouraging them to be outdoors in the fresh air. Also, if your kids have something to occupy themselves with in the garden, you can soak up the sun yourself watching over them guilt free! Make sure your kids get plenty of enjoyment from the garden this summer with these child-friendly garden tips.

Child Friendly Gardens

Making child friendly gardens

Designate a Play Area

The majority of your garden may be covered in plants and flowers but designate an area in the garden for the children to play. In this space you can have a sandpit, swing-set or any other outdoor equipment. It’s worth investing in a tee-pee or a shaded area that the children can escape the hot rays. Children love having their own space to play in, so by designating an area of the garden for them will be perfect.

sandpit with a lid

A sandpit with a lid, perfect for rainy climates!

Encourage Sport Activity 

Keep the children active and healthy this summer by introducing a sport activity in to the summer garden. Badminton nets are easy to set up, and is a suitable sport for youngsters to play. Tennis bats and balls are slightly heavier and your children will be more at risk of hurting themselves if they’re only little. Badminton is a great way of you being able to play with your children also. Another active addition to your garden is a trampoline. Children love to bounce around and it’s a great form of exercise. Bouncing on the trampoline helps keep children healthy and active, whilst also being extremely fun!

Boy on Trampoline

Boy going bananas on a trampoline!

Paddling Pool

Many children love playing in the bath and with water. Bring this fun outdoors by supplying a paddling pool for them to splash about in. This not only gives the children a place to play with their toys, but also helps cool them down on a hot summers day. Paddling pools come in all shapes and sizes, but they don’t have to be particular big for the kids to have a great time. Make sure you put them on the grassy area of the garden. This will help mask the fall if they were to slip in the water. It goes without saying, but make sure you stay near by if your children are very little.

Keeping cool in the paddling pool

Keeping cool in the paddling pool


If you haven’t already invested in a playhouse for the garden, then summer is the perfect time to get one. Having a playhouse gives your children a place of their own to let their imagination run wild. They love acting grown up, and by supplying them with their own little home they’ll be overjoyed. Playhouses come in all shapes and sizes, and different materials. If you have a large garden and want something that is easily portable for little ones then a plastic playhouse may be better for you. If you want the playhouse to be a solid member of the garden exterior, then look for a wooden play den. This creates an outdoor lodge for your children to love and cherish throughout the summers of growing up.

Wendy House in the garden - hours of fun!

Wendy House in the garden – hours of fun!

Child-Safe Gardening Tools

Get your child involved when you’re undergoing your summer gardening by supplying them with their very own gardening tools. Children are inquisitive and love to learn. By providing your child with plastic gardening tools you’re encouraging them to get involved and learn some new skills! A great little toy for them is a watering can. Assign them the simple task of watering the plants by filling up their can and going round the garden. Always make sure real tools are out of sight and reach of the children so that they’re not at risk of hurting themselves.

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