Gardening Tips 2016: Things To Remember

Get Your Garden Ready in Spring 2016

Preparing your garden for the coming summer weeks can be a daunting task. There is a lot to remember and a lot to do. This article will run you through a list of tasks you need to remember when preparing your garden this summer.

Hanging Baskets

Making hanging baskets is easy. Firstly make sure you have the following items available to you before starting.

  • Hanging basket

  • Liner

  • Plastic Ties

  • Multi purpose compost

  • Plants of your choice

Place the liner in the basket and tie down with the plastic ties. Start filling with compost and press down so it is nice and compact.


Place your plants in the basket and keep adding your compost until the roots are covered and the plants are nice and stable in the soil. Next you will need to hang your basket off something strong so it doesn’t fall. And remember to water often.

After you have made your hanging baskets, your next step is to follow this checklist below and this will more than definitely make your garden ready for the summer.

Pull up your weeds

Weeds can be a vicious looking object in your garden, they have nothing compared to the look of a pretty strawberry plant or rose bush. When pulling up your weeds you can use a weed killer product, which usually helps them come out of the ground easier, and most products make sure the weeds cannot grow back.

Fertilise The Beds

Once the ground thaws, you should apply fertiliser to the trees, shrubs and perennials. Match the product to the plant type and any nutrient needs, determined by a soil test.

Check Trees and Shrubs For Damage

Prune off any dead, broken or storm damaged branches.

Rake Your Matted Leaves

Leaves that have blown under trees or shrubs and have mulched over, can be left, no need to worry about these, whereas leaves that are matted need to be raked off the lawn to make way for new prettier plants.

Edge Your Beds

Whether you use a long-handled, people-powered edging tool or power edger, end of winter is a good time to cut sharp edges along all garden beds. This not only neatens the landscape, it creates a “lip” to contain mulch that can be applied once the soil warms consistently for the season.
Making sure your garden looks ready for summer is an important task, you may be getting ready for the summer parties and barbeques, or you may even just be preparing your garden to relax and read during summer. Whatever the reason for doing your garden, I hope this small but efficient checklist helps you out. Oh and don’t forget if you want to keep them pests away from your vegetable patch or your flower bed this summer. Try Nemasys Slug And Pest Killer.

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