Garden Designs – How Does Your Garden Grow?

A Cool Tool to Identify The Gardener In You

It doesn’t matter if you have the tiniest garden in the neighbourhood, it’s more about what you make of the space. People with acres of gardens space sometimes struggle to firstly achieve any order in laying it out and secondly once they choose their garden format, they can then sometimes struggle in the upkeep! So if you believe your garden is too small to make an impact, think again; some of the smallest gardens can be stunning!

There are so many different styles that you can incorporate into a garden; maybe you prefer a garden full of colourful flowers or perhaps you prefer to focus your garden more as a functional piece with shelter and produce that you can bring to kitchen. Or maybe your garden is a combination of many styles?

Check out this quiz from which will test your garden style – what type of gardener are you? Try it now to find out!!

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