Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

Since 2016 is nearly over, now is the perfect time to start thinking about updating your home for the coming year. Whether you’re considering a complete makeover or changing just a few accents, you’ll want your home to keep up with worldwide interior design trends, so here’s what the experts from the field list as a must for the upcoming season.

The warmth of terracotta

While your first association to terracotta might be border tiles and flowerpots, this clay-based material has made a comeback to give a nice touch to your bathroom or fireplace. The brownish orange colour of terracotta creates a warm ambiance in every room and matches perfectly with all-white minimalism and greenery. On the other hand, terracotta will fit perfectly into any kind of home with its rustic look. Besides, it’s packed with ‘80s nostalgia (as that was the last time it was popular in interior design), so it’s the perfect material for every disco-era lover.


The colour of kale

The latest Pantone colour report was inspired by nature, earthiness, and vegetation, and that’s why green shades are the best choice for your home, especially dark green – the colour of kale. It has a somewhat Scandinavian vibe and matches perfectly with brown leather, wooden floors and furniture, and natural linen. In addition, experts from Pantone say that this shade symbolizes a fresh start and that’s something we all need in 2017. Start from your home and opt for green walls, furniture, or details – it’s all up to you.

Keeping it cosy

You might’ve gotten the idea what interior design for 2017 will be all about from the first two things on the list – warmth, cosiness, and comfort. In the golden era of technology, we all need an escape from time to time, and interior designers claim that this escapism is a fashion yes for the upcoming season. This can be done by turning your balcony, bathroom, or bedroom into a private little nook where you can hide from the outside world. Chunky knit wool blankets, a fluffy shaggy rug, and comfy cushions might be all you need to isolate yourself for a while and recharge your batteries.


Jewel tones

Jewels and metals have been an inspiration in the clothing industry for the last few seasons, but now they have landed in interior design as well. Everything inspired by the stars, the cosmos and clouds is a huge trend right now – pastel pink and blue shades, the colour purple, sparkling details, etc. Once again, Mother Nature is the number one trendsetter. Experts suggest you should combine these details with transparent, floaty fabrics to add visual interest to your space. Depending on the overall tone of your home, these jewel-inspired details may bring either a futuristic or a royal vibe to a room. Whatever it is, one thing is certain – it surely looks stunning.

Blasts from the past

Surprising or not, a classic look with a modern twist is a huge trend right now. Everybody’s been going crazy about this modern vintage interior design for the last few seasons, but 2017 will be somewhat different. Namely, inspiration will be drawn mostly from the ‘50s and ‘60s, meaning we’ll be seeing a lot of curvy, luxurious furniture. For example, rich upholstered bedheads – like those you could see in luxury hotel rooms – are now a must for every home. This retro vibe is noticeable in lighting trends as well. Brass lamps from the ‘20s, Victorian era chandeliers, and energy-efficient version of the Edison light bulb – anything can be fitted into a modern living space, the choice is all yours.

As you can see, 2017 is going to be all about comfort, reconnecting with nature, and what’s most important – practicality. Another good thing is that any of these trends can work with multiple interior design styles, meaning they can fit into your home, too. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure – it will look beautiful.

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