Available Styles of Double Glazed Windows

Available Styles of Double Glazed Windows

Windows come in various sizes and designs. There are differences in structure and opening mechanisms. The most common styles are sliding sash windows and side-hinged windows usually referred to as casement windows. Gaining in popularity are windows with friction and pivot hinged opening mechanisms.

Size, shape, and material used in the manufacture of double glazed windows vary considerably. The terminology manufacturers used also varies a great deal. It is important, to carefully read the manufacturer’s literature.

The materials and mechanisms for replacement double glazed windows are commonly chosen to match the original windows. There are a few exceptions to the rule. New sash windows often are equipped with modern spiral balances. The windows look the same as the counterweight versions of the original. Double glazed windows are available in four basic styles. They are casement, double hung, awning, and glider windows.

Casement Windows

Casement double glazed windows are available in a great choice of materials: aluminium, timber, and PVC. They are among the market’s most secure windows. The energy and thermal efficiency of these windows save money on utility bills and add warmth to a home.

Strong aluminium frames are a light option for small windows. New smooth-weld technology makes the frame joints nearly invisible. Traditional framing options provide a balanced look with the use of equal sightlines.

PVC window material provides the beautiful aesthetics of timber and modern conservation benefits. Top quality timber double glazed windows are available in hardwood and softwood that can be stained or painted to suit the home owner. Product specific trim is used around the window edges to provide a neat finish.

Double Hung Windows

The double glazed double hung window is considered the traditional window by many. Two vertically operating sashes that allow maximum ventilation are the features of this style. The windows have a classic design. The simple elements of routed tilt latches, sleek sight-line interlock, and crisp balance covers that provide a clean look prove that small details make a window both energy efficient and beautiful.

A full-screen option that allows both the bottom and top sashes to open creates maximum air flow. On these windows, both sashes tilt for easy inside the home cleaning. A wood grain laminate option creates the look of wood with the maintenance.

Awning Windows

Double glazed awning windows have adorned buildings and homes for a long time. They remain a favourite of many. Awning windows are ideal for various conditions because they provide an unobstructed view of the outside world with simple yet elegant double glazed panes. They allow a lot of light and have a sturdy frame that lasts for years.

Modern awning windows open outward with a lock that utilises friction to remain in the open position. The modern style is a wonderful way of opening that allows natural ventilation. Double glazed awning windows have a six-point locking system that ensures added security and provides an airtight seal. The seal allows no air filtration and provides the maximum weather element protection.

Glider Windows

Glider windows are available as single units that have an operable side and a fixed side or as triple units with operating sashes that flank a studio centre. A single unit slides from either direction. It slides smoothly over a vinyl track on brass rollers. The fit provides trouble-free operation for a long time.

Half and full-screen options are also available. Various hardware finishes and an array of interior wood species and exterior types are available. Aluminium alloy frames are well-liked. Profile colours come in wood grain, black, grey, and white. The double glazed panes can be insulating, clear, frosted, or laminated glass.

Author Bio: Nathan Bishop is the owner Go Green Glazing. They are an Australian business based in Geelong that specialises in the retrofit of double glazed windows. His team has over 100 years of combined experience in window repair, replacement & retrofitting.


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